Am I the right fit for your team?

  • I am currently in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and I will be here until the end of May.
  • The story that led me to this time and place is an incredible transformation story.
  • 6 years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was an alcoholic and I was so stuck in self-destructive patterns that I genuinely believed I wouldn’t live to see 40.
  • I ended up taking a leap of faith, packed my life into a suitcase and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I got sober and started doing the work.
  • Before this journey, I had no spirituality in my life and I was truly suffering, living in a traumatized body, stuck on autopilot, simply surviving.
    • The way I was living before is not at all the way I am showing up in the world now, which is part of the reason why I’m responding to this calling. The transformation I’ve been through is something that everybody has the ability to unlock.
  • It is my goal, my dream, my purpose and true calling to help people go through the transformation I’ve been through. 
  • I started working with a clinical psychologist that the universe serendipitously linked me up with. He introduced me to his ‘Get Unstuck’ methodology, and together we developed the Get Unstuck group coaching program. Essentially, that methodology helped me to do the work to clean up the past.
  • At 15, out of the blue, my parents instructed me to pack my bags and then drove over 5 hours to drop me off on my estranged mother’s doorstep.
    • My mother wasn’t in a position to take care of me, so I went from being in a completely controlled environment, to being on my own and having total freedom without any supervision, at the age of 15.
    • From that moment forward I was on my own, without any sense of connection or support… and I was hellbent on turning things around by becoming a rags to riches success story!
  • As you’ll see through my CV, I am no stranger to hard work. Over the next 20 years, I worked hard to chase big dreams and prove my value.I was desperate to level up in the world and ‘make it’ so I didn’t have to struggle alone anymore.
  • I am now in a place where I have achieved more than I could ever have possibly dreamed of – I still don’t have any material worth, but I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled – that is thanks to doing the work, and thanks to becoming connected to my spiritual calling.
  • As soon as I started to explore these spiritual teachings, I unlocked something so powerful that has obviously always been a part of me.
    • I have discovered that I have intuitive abilities, I am high-vibrating, I have been told by shamans that I have ‘eyes that see’ and that I am connected to both spirit and death.
    • Most of all, I’m HIGHLY sensitive to energy and I’m starting to understand that this is my gift, and that this is what I’m here to do – to step into my power as a high-vibrating intuitive healer.
  • After a few years of doing the work and seeing energy healers and taking part in plant medicine ceremonies, I found that I was experiencing the world much differently than before… and not in a way that I understood or that felt good.
    • I eventually found out that I am autistic! I think what happened is that I had been dissociated my whole life, and when I came back into my body I realized how incredibly sensitive I am to energy and vibration. Specifically sound and emotional vibrations. I realize now that I have an incredible superpower. I feel energy waves and other people’s emotions in my body.
  •  Last year, I started facilitating ecstatic dance because the mixture of breath, sound, movement, meditation and grounding practices helped me to crack wide open! I found that my body moved intuitively to the music, and I somehow knew how to channel energy and elevate it in a way that allowed me to express joy like I had never felt in my whole entire life.
    • When I practice ecstatic dance, I can sense (and am told) that everyone around me is able to feel the elevated energy. Since discovering that I have this ability, I have started to put this joyous energy out into the world (both online and offline).
      • The response has been the most meaningful thing I’ve ever experienced because people respond to the expressions of joy in the most beautiful ways. People smile and come up to me everywhere in these small villages I’ve been living in… they tell me they love my energy, they say they can feel it and find it inspiring, they ask how they can follow me and where am I dancing next?
      • There is something about the vibration I am able to give off that people feel connected to, and it’s elevating their energy.
  • I recognize I have this incredible ability that gives me the power to elevate people’s energy. And it’s not just when I dance, I get the same feedback when I do meditations and when I hold space for people who are doing the work to heal and create change in their lives.
  • And that is why I am reaching out to offer my skills and services within your retreat space! Because a retreat space is perfectly aligned with the skills I have to offer and I feel this is the next step for me on this journey of living a life in service to my calling.
  • I should note that I’m just starting to create content, so I can put my energy out there on a larger scale. I am hoping to associate myself with a retreat space that aligns with my needs and values, that I can eventually collaborate with and attract clients toward.

  • Currently in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, plan to stay until the end of May.
  • I have been through an incredible transformation and experienced a spiritual awakening, thanks to getting sober, doing the work to clean up the past, connecting with plant medicine and uncovering my connection to the universe and spirit.
  • It is my goal, dream, purpose and true calling to help people go through the transformation I’ve been through. 
  • I have intuitive abilities. Sensitive to energy. High-vibrating.
  • I am autistic. I have the ability to channel and elevate energy in a way that has been described as pure joy.
  • I am seeking to volunteer my time and offer my gifts in exchange for the opportunity to learn, connect, expand and grow within a team/community environment working to help others through their own transformational journeys of healing and awakening.


Everything I have to offer lends itself well to creating safe healing spaces, as well as running and promoting a retreat center. 

  • Trauma-informed Recovery Coach (Certified)
  • Psychedelic Integration Coach (Certified)
  • Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach (Certified)
  • Yoga Teacher (Certified)
  • Ecstatic Dance / Somatic Movement Facilitator
  • Breathwork / Meditation Facilitator
  • Online Business Management
  • Digital Course Creation
  • Social Media, Content Marketing, PR
  • Copywriting / Communications
  • Event Production 

You can see evidence of my experience and learn more about how I can help here. I am willing and able to do anything else that needs to get done! I love to apply myself and take great joy in being of service.


I am interested in volunteering for up to 3 months, with the option to transition into a paid role if we agree on right fit.

  • Room and board
  • Opportunities to hold space in ceremony
  • Opportunities to facilitate ecstatic dance, breathwork, embodiment, yoga classes…
  • Opportunities to practice integration coaching
  • Opportunity to be a participant in plant medicine ceremonies (if, and when appropriate)

I am willing to relocate (May 2024 onward) and can make myself available at your earliest convenience to meet on a call to connect and discuss.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!