“It’s all a work in progress, it’s all happening.”

Unrelated pic from the day I met with Eléonore for this reading
(it appears I’m pulling Moon cards with Mom in this – so, somewhat related!)

Birth Chart Reading with Eléonore

March 23, 2023 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

What follows are the notes I took during my birth chart reading.

The readings I’ve had over the past 3-4 years have felt so deeply accurate. I find it really hard not to believe in this woo-woo stuff when all of the things ring so true. I get shivers every time I read and re-read.

I never previously believed in astrology, didn’t give it much attention.

But now… I’m just so curious.

Channel the energy of Venus/Libra:

Express my femininity. Love, devotion, harmony. Surround myself with love and beauty (beauty nourishes my soul). Decorate. I am a gothic queen of the night. 

  • Music
  • Being in flow
  • Flowing like water
  • Connection to emotions
  • Self-expression

Connect with beauty – where do I find beauty to connect with? Beauty is in people, stories, nature, art…

I am connected to the underworld where there are a lot of heavy feelings and deep darkness. I am intense (Scorpio), can be secretive about what I’m feeling because it’s a lot. I feel deeply, especially difficult feelings like anger. I’m temperamental. I am spiritually connected to death (?). One of my life challenges is to transcend emotions and to alchemize pain into something good. 

I need to harness anger into motivation to create change. I feel a lot of inner contradictions because I see the truth. I see things as they are, I’m honest about them, no bullshit. Life isn’t either/or, it’s complex, duality is real and I’m able to see and feel both sides of the coin. I have to speak my truth about what I see and be honest about it (Pluto). I have a lot of emotional needs (moon in Libra). 

I am a strong mixture of masculine and feminine. Masculine dominant. It will serve me well to lean towards my femininity (because of Venus in Libra). 

Capricorn (I hide this side of myself well). I am a worker. I am serious. I am here to accomplish my life’s work and I take that job very seriously. It’s in my nature to apply myself to my life’s work, that will always be a constant in my life. I’m here to investigate, communicate, and teach what I know. I need to put myself out there to achieve this. I am here to create. 

I am a leader, a guide. I work best with others in teams and partnerships or doing one-on-one work. I am being challenged to connect. It’s more comfortable for me to isolate and work alone and get lost in myself, but my mission is to change that pattern.

I will be an overnight success. People will see it this way, but really I’ve been working on this my whole life (I mask that well, so people don’t realize how hard I’ve worked). I’ve been striving towards success my whole life wishing people could see how dedicated and serious I am but it’s masked so well that people haven’t noticed… but they will. The success will happen fast and it will come in a big wave that might seem sudden but really it’s slowly been building and growing over time because I’m a dedicated worker on a mission to achieve success.

I am prone to ‘lose myself in things’. Addiction. 

Dissolve anything that stands in the way of accessing transcendence. This is the key to overcoming addiction. Lean into my spiritual practices, and align my mind/body/spirit so I am in a position to receive and transcend into divine energy. 

Find hobbies that aren’t connected to responsibility. I naturally have enough responsibilities and I naturally take care of these responsibilities. I don’t need to worry about my work getting done or my success being achieved, this work path comes naturally to me. It’s all a work in progress, it’s all happening. Because I am so responsibility-oriented, I need to reach outside of myself for things that aren’t responsibility or work-oriented. 

Things that aren’t responsibility-oriented to reach towards:

  • Spirituality
  • The Arts
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Being playful
  • Working with kids
  • Channeling my venus in Libra
  • Channeling the energy of Neptune
  • History, people’s stories
  • Documenting
  • Photography
  • Decorating, creating beauty

Channel the energy of Neptune (use it in its best expression):

  • The Arts
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Connection to Divinity
  • Tarot
  • Crystals

Working with kids could be a sweet spot for me.


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