B School


What is it?
Marie Forleo’s B-School is an 8 week e-course program for freelancers who want to sell their products or services online. Through a series of videos broken down into 6 different modules, Marie teaches business marketing tactics and guides students through the process of building their websites and setting up their content marketing based e-businesses.

How is this challenging me?
– E-learning: Committing time to watching the courses and working through the homework.
– Writing: Creating copy for my website.
– Web building: Building a website using WordPress.
– Marketing: Creating and pushing content, building editorial calendars, etc.

What will I experience and/or learn from this?
– Marketing tactics for building a business out of selling services online.
– How to setup my website.
– Content marketing for my blog.

What skills does this apply?
– Time management
– Web skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress
– Marketing: Content marketing, business marketing

What’s the story?

Only a day after handing in my resignation to work, my Mom introduced me to Marie Forleo’s B-School. Her 8 week business program had just closed for registration only a week prior and I was beside myself with the bad timing. I read through everything I could find on Marie online and watched all of her video content. I found myself inspired to come across someone with similar passions who was making a living out of life coaching, teaching and social marketing… all things I want to make a living out of! She has personality and drive, she’s positive and makes great online content… I related to her right away and decided I absolutely HAD to be a part of this program. NOW.



I sent Marie’s team an email, told them all about who I am and the crossroads my life has found itself at. I told them that I’d just quit my job to pursue my own path and that this program would help me to move in the right direction. I pretty much begged to become involved and sold my case. I sent the email off with fingers crossed.

And it worked! I was granted a late enrolment and I even managed to lock in a few bonuses that were originally offered with the registration (I had to send a few emails here and there to prove myself worthy and make this happen). The bonuses were Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame + Fame Camp programs and Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky Bitch program. I was already really excited about finding Marie Forleo as a mentor, but when I learned more about Laura Roeder, I related (again) immediately. She’s teaching social media and video marketing, which is one of the directions I’m headed in. In finding these learning programs, I realised that this is the type of online content I want to create and sell online, this is the small business I want to build. I see myself becoming the next Marie Forleo! It’s nice to have some direction and inspiration.

As you can see, I fell upon something that had a lot of personal meaning and purpose, so I pursued it with great determination. I knew this was the right direction for me and I did everything in my power to make it happen. It worked, I’m now actively pursuing this project.


B-School Components

These are the Modules I’m working through in the B-School program.

– Profit Plan
– Website
– Communication
– List Building
– Offerings
– Marketing